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I’m playing a Jesuit priest, and Adam Driver and I are brothers in the priesthood. We play these young, idealistic, hungry priests who are on a mission to bring faith to the hidden Christians of Japan during that time, that weren’t allowed to be Christians under this extremist Buddhist regime that was happening during that period — you don’t usually associate the two things. So we’re on a mission to find our old teacher who’s gone missing. It’s a rescue mission as well as a mission of faith and a mission for God. I’ve been researching a lot about what it is to be a Jesuit and it’s a very beautiful faith as far as I’m seeing. I haven’t been religious all my life, but I definitely feel a need for spirituality in my life and I’m in the process of finding out what that means for me. It’s a beautiful process to go into. It’s something I’ve been longing for all my life.

—Andrew Garfield on ‘Silence’ by Martin Scorsese (via andrewgarfielddaily)

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Seth: You had to often do the hardest job at SNL, because you were such a good impressionist and you played so many political figures, you had to start the show. You were in so many cold opens. Which you always talked about how stressful they were.

Bill: I hated doing cold opens.

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